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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: September 2005)

Date Item
Korea Times
Former Korean President Kim Dae-jung has been hospitalized again for exhaustion, able to eat only ear shell soup.
Edmonton Sun
Graham Hicks updates fly-in-the-soup jokes. For a more complete update, go to Soupsong's own Fly-in-The-Soup Jokes and much more.
Fort Worth Star Telegram
Martha Stewart is reported to have closed her new daytime talk show with a recipe for mink soup.
London Daily Mail
Ephraim Hardcastle reports that actor Hugh Grant abruptly left Annabel's [restaurant] in annoyance that a bread roll was thrown into his soup by the half brother of his girlfriend Jemima Khan, proprieter of the restaurant.
Winston-Salem Journal
Mark Burger reports on Tim Burton's new film Corpse Bride...and the non-corpse bride's Dad (Albert Finney's voice) exclaiming, "There's an eye in my soup!"
The London Mirror
Sue Carroll reports on Northumberland grandmother Patricia Tabrum, famous for sprinkling marijuana in soup for her own and her friend's old-age aches and pains, who has been arrested again by police for illegal drug possession.
New York Daily News
John Marzolli reports on the re-engineered charges in the upcoming "Mafia cop" trial of Louis Eppolito, described as "the same can of soup with a different label."
Liverpool Daily Post
Eryl Crump reports on Scotland Yard's investigation in North Wales of the murder of a man by his housekeeper, who put rat poison in his soup.
Tacoma News Tribune
Angie Leventis reports on POW/MIA Recognition Day that featured POW's sharing their harrowing stories, including surviving on grass soup during the Korean War.
Riverside, CA, Press Enterprise
Sandra Baltazar Marinez reports on Mexican Independence Day celebrations featuring traditional pozole soup.
International Herald Tribune
Sophia Kishkovsky reports on the habits of rich Russians, including dining on Libido Sexualis (tomato-garlic soup with croutons) at Moscow's Cafe Freud.
London Guardian
Ian Jack cites Sidney Mintz on when Scottish factory women stopped their time-consuming tradition of making soup for lunch and quickly made jam sandwiches instead.
London Guardian
Isabel Choat reports eating cream of piranha soup on her safari to Brazil's Pantanal.
London Times
Alexandra Frean reports on non-needy Londoners abusing their 65 soup kitchen system because they are too lazy to cook themselves.
The Sun
The 21-year-old cannibal who killed two roomates and made them into soup has been sentenced to 25 years in prison in Prague.
London Financial Times
Philippa Davenport reports on the excellence of grouse soup and opines that England should stop exporting 80% of its slain adult grouse and keep them for homeland consumption.
The London Independent
Dan Poole reports that former Olympic champion Sally Gunnell disguises organic vegetables in soup for her children to keep them healthy.
newspapers around the world
In the wake of hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Mississippi, and Alabama, reports pour in of people surviving on soup, stretching few ingredients to make soup, if souplines at Salvation Army stations, and the continuing need for packaged goods like soup. My thoughts and prayers join those of people everywhere for those in pain right now from the devastation of that terrible storm.