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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: October 2005)

Date Item
Chicago Tribune
Sharon May talks about monkey soup in rural Cambondia...not so good, even with morning glory leaves.
New York Times
Maureen Down laments the state of sexual politics, noting that soft-balled inferiority and soup ladles for wedding gifts are today's ploys for successful women "catching a man."
Sunday Herald Sun (Melbourne)
Clark Forbes reviews the documentary film Gallipoli, noting that the real British Captain Nightingale during that horrendous campaign shows his irritation that his tea is delayed when a fellow officer is shot and falls into his soup...but ultimately comes to realize the futility of war.
The Guardian
Michael Palin recalls a Chinese meal that starts with cat and snake soup.
Xinhua General News Service
Kentucky Fried Chicken suspends its sale fo soup in Tianjin because of an alleged poisonous ingredient in it.
China Daily
A woman in Tianmeng is alleged to have poisoned her husband's sou in anger, then saved him when he began to convulse.
Intelligence Journal
Roberta Strickler reports on wicked witches' pumpkin suop at the annual haunted Accomc Inn's annual ghost dinner.
Dubai restaurants are specializing in addas (lentil soup) during Ramadan for the traditional 4-course Iftar meal.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Beth Gilin reports on Daily Show's Stephen Colbert who declares, "gravitas is the soup bone in the stew of television news"
Reading Eagle
Susan Shelly reports on Pennsylvania German's love of pretzel soup, not much more than "broken up pretzel's in hot milk."
NBC News
Matt Lauer features "How to Throw a Divorce Party?" Jenny Kuchnanan replies, "With split pea soup, of course."
New York Law Journal
A West Palm Beach, Florida, man sued a restaurant for $54,000 because it served him clam chowder instead of potato soup, claiming that the chowder left him with nightmares. He was awarded $407 in damages.
Cincinnati Post
Jan Perry reports on soup, singling out www.soupsong.com as "no better place to start...an encyclopedia on and a delight, from its stories and jokes to its hundreds of hot and cold soups."
Agence France Presse
Green turtles saved from extinction by Viagra now that Chinese men turn to it as a sex enhancer instead of green turtle soup.
AP State and Local Wire
Connecticut woman arrested after badly scalding her baby nephew with soup...because she ignored traffic lights and police pursuit to get him to the hospital.
Glasgow Herald
Alan MacDermid reports that only one in three Scottish 14-year-olds will choose a healthy meal like soup over "chips, crisps, and fizzy drinks".
University Wire
Jamie Bernheim reports that George Washington University students in Washington, DC, are celebrating Rosh Hashanah with matzoh ball soup catered from Dean and DeLuca gourmet.
People magazine
"Scoop" reports that "Simple Life" star Nicole Richie celebrated her birthday with onion soup in L.A.
Aging and Elder Health Week
Kyoto Prefectural University published results of its prostrate cancer risk study of 151 Japanese men on how their serum phytoestrogen concentrations were affected by their diet of tofu and miso soup.
Montreal Gazette
Bruno Petosa reports with high praise on Soupsong's Exaltation of Soups.
Associated Press
Kathleen Hennessey reports that miso soup is on the groaning Las Vegas buffet table for the annual Grand Sumo Championship.
Associated Press
Michael Astor reports that Brazilian bishop Luiz Flavio Cappio broke his 11-day fast with a thin soup of shredded chicken and mashed rise after successfully protesting his government to save the Sao Francisco river from development and pollution.
Entertainment Weekly
Tim Stack reports on Al Pacino's decision to sign up for the film Two for the Money: There was a lot in this soup!"
U.S. News & World Report
Julian Barnes reports on Ted Rubin, Hungarian Jew who survived a German concentration camp only to find himself 5 years later a U.S. soldier POW during the Korean War, surviving and teaching his buddies how to make and eat grass soup.
London Sunday Telegraph
Toby Harnden reports on war photographers like Rory Peck, famous for his photograph of a starving Bosnian refugee in Gorazde eating soup next to a friend he didn't realize was dead.
Kirkus Reviews
The new children's book Grampa Gazillioin's Number Yard features the number 6 as a "scoop for eyebrows in the soup."