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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: December 2005)

Date Item
Asahi Shimbun
Soaring veggie prices in Japan are seen as hurting the making of traditional o-zoni soup for the new year,especially in Kanta region, where the vegetable komatsuna is a required ingredient.
London Daily Mail
Richard Price reports on wild party girl Patsy Kensit, now reborn into a ritual of calling her sons every night to pray, then exercising for an hour before eating a light supper of vegetable soup and going to bed.
New York Sun
Julia Levy reports that New York City Mayor Bloomberg will follow his second term swearing in with lunch at the Emigrant Industrial Saving Bank building, with tomato soup on the menu.
Press Association Newsfile
As the EU president's baton is passed to Austria on January 1, Geoff Meade recalls Tony Blair's tenure, including 210 servings of cullen skink soup to start the 12/15/05 EU summit dinner.
Portland Press Herald (Maine)
The Portland branch of the NAACP has invited the public to a celebration of Peace and Freedom, featuring traditional Haitian New Year Soupe Joumou.
Anchorage Daily News
Paula Dobbyn reports on an Alaskan Chanukah festival that opened with matzoh ball soup.
Entertainment Weekly
Tom Stack et al report that actress Scarlett Johansson claims "the best thing about working with Woody [Allen] is the wonton soup."
Africa News
Vanguard reports that Special Advisor to the Governor Ade Adenkanmbi claims Nigerians refer to House of Assembly members as "pepper-soup joint lawmakers who operate at beer parlours."
Agence France Presse
A rat tail reportedly surfaced in a pot of soup at the Athens psychiatric hospital of Dromokaitio.
Czech News CTK reports that Prague Mayor Pavel Bem is scheduled to distribute traditional Christmas soup in Old Town Square at 11 am on Christmas eve.
Times Colonist, Canada
Adrian Chamberlain reports on poet/novelist Marilyn Bowering's ideal New Year's Eve: sharing a flask of soup spiked with whisky at Edinburgh's port in Scotland.
Global News Wire
The regime of Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah is described as "same soup, less spicy."