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Soup in the News

(Archive Dateline: January 2006)

Date Item
The Australian
Brook Larmer reports on basketball giant Yao Ming, fueled to greatness on the Houston Rockets by his mother's chicken soup.
Michelle Tauber and Ulrica Wihlburg report that pop singer Pink calmed her pre-nuptial jitters with miso soup and yoga poses.
Bradenton Herald
AP Bill Kaczor reports that Florida lawmakers have cleared the way for themselves to continue being treated to Ybor City black bean soup and other meals so long as the treats are free o the public too.
Calgary Herald
Tim Reid, London Times, reports on the "Dead Body Guy," computer programmer Chuck Lamb who portrays himself on his website as a corpse for all seasons--including a photo of himself drowned in a bowl of chicken soup.
Daily Telegraph (London)
Daniel Morris reports on the estate sale of Prince Henry, grandson of Queen Victoria, including the sale of William IV's soup tureen, up for a mere 8K to 12K£
Homeless 82-year-old ex-British Gurkha serviceman recalls his diet of wild herbs, wild bananas, and salt-soup during action in Burma, Karachi, Malaysia, and Thailand in the 1940s.
Kirkus Reviews
Outside magazine correspondent Seven Rinella has written a book about his year-long project to create a 45-course, 3-day feast based on Auguste Escoffier's 1903 Le Guide Cuilinaire, including bird's nest soup.

Agence France Presse
Police in Strasbourg prevented a far right group from distributing pork soup to homeless people, which was deliberately meant to exclude the Muslim and Jewish poor.

AP Worldstream
Matti Huuhtanen reportts on Finnish presidential elections, with candidates distributing balloons and pea soup during the final days of the campaign.

AP Worldstream
Mari Yamaguchi reports on Prime Minister Koizumi's lunch at an elementary school of rice balls and miso soup cooked with wild boar meat to encourage the young to resist obesity.

London Daily Telegraph
Celia Walden reports how Brit celebrity Tara Palmer-Tomkinson describes her homegrown charity: paying the homeless to clean her car and making them soup to keep them going.

Edmonton Sun
Britney Spears siting at Malibu, with baby in tow, lunching on oysters and soup at Moonbshadows..

Lord of the Rings film Director Peter Jackson credits losing 70 pounds to a diet of yoghurt, muesli, and soup during the shooting of King Kong.

Africa News
Vanguard reports that Abraka community leader Chief E. Peter was shot dead by assassins in his home as he ate a lunch of plantain and native Banga soup.

Boston Globe
Adrienne P. Samuels reports on Archbishop O'Malley's mass in Haitian Creole and French followed by a lunch of the traditional Haitian New Year Soupe Joumou.

Korean Times
Kim Rahn reports that the Seoul city government prepared traditional New Year's ttokkuk, or rice cake soup, to serve to 10,000 people.

Canberra Times
Ever tried fur soup? The travel staff recommends visiting Vietnam.

Chicago Tribune
Celia Daniels reports on the Chicago Humanities Festival benefit gala, where embarrassed diners got confused and poured their pepper soup over their salads.