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Release date: 12/28/2004.
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"Cold soup is a very tricky thing and it is the rare hostess who can carry it off. More often than not the dinner guest is left with the impression that had he only come in a little earlier he could have gotten it while it was still hot."

--Fran Lebowitz


Interested in cultural footnotes to cold soups? Do not pass GO, go straight to Alice B. Toklas' chapter on "Beautiful Soup," which attempts to explicate the transmigration of gazpacho....
ALMONDS: Andalusian Almond Soup
APPLE: Norman apple and potato soup * Watercressed apple soup * Cucumber-apple fresca * Latvian apple soup with apple dumplings * Estonian black bread soup with fruit
APRICOT: Polish apricot soup
ARTICHOKE: Creamy artichoke soup with lemony mushrooms
ARUGULA: Iced arugula soup
ASPARAGUS: Curried spring asparagus soup * Iced asparagus soup
AVOCADO: Mexican avocado soup * Colombian avocado vichyssoise * Avocado soup from the Ivory Coast * Slap-in-the-face avocado-tomatillo soup
BEANS: Raquel Welch's wonder soup II
BEETS: Beet cream soup * Jellied beet jewel soup * Lithuanian Saltibarsciai * Lenten Ukrainian borshch
BLUEBERRIES: Czech blueberry soup
CANTALOUPE: Mango-melon soup * Elegant melon-berry refresher
CARROTS: Singaporean spiced carrot-orange soup
CELERY: Celery soup times ten
CHEESE: Solid soup * Pear and cambozola soup
CHERRIES: Cool Hungarian sour cherry soup * Russian sour cherry soup with champagne
CHICKEN: Haitian Consomme a l'Orange * Senegalese
CRANBERRIES: Estonian black bread soup with fruit
CUCUMBER: The cucumber soup the Soup Nazi wishes for * Andalusian gazpacho * Bulgarian Tarator * Chunky gazpacho * Gazpacho with a Texas Touch * Cucumber-apple fresca * True Andalusian gazpacho * Gazpacho blanco * Turkish cacik * Iced summer shrimp soup * Lime-Cucumber soup with a kick
EGGPLANT: Provencal ratatouille soup
FENNEL: Tomato-Fennel soup
FRUIT MELANGE: Estonian black bread soup with fruit * Norwegian fruit soup * Swedish fruit soup
GRAPES: Gazpacho blanco
HEARTS OF PALM: Cold cruel hearts of palm soup
JERUSALEM ARTICHOKE: Chilean Jerusalem artichoke soup
LIME: Lime-Cucumber soup with a kick * Spiced lime-tomato soup
MANGO: Mango-melon soup
NECTARINES: Sassy nectarine summer soup
ORANGE: Danish orange soup * Haitian Consomme a l'Orange * Singaporean spiced carrot-orange soup
PEARS: Pear and Cambozola soup
PEAS: Fragrant fresh pea soup
PEPPERS: Crazy pepper soup duet * Golden gazpacho * Provencal ratatouille soup * Andalusian gazpacho * Gazpacho with a Texas touch * True Andalusian gazpacho * Chunky gazpacho * Cold & Tangy Red Pepper Soup
PLUMS: Spiced plum soup
POTATO: Portuguese potato and cilantro soup * Vichyssoise
PUMPKIN: French creamy pumpkin soup
RASPBERRIES: Old world raspberry soup
RHUBARB: Finnish rhubarb soup
SHRIMP: Iced summer shrimp soup
STRAWBERRIES: Strawberry balsamic soup * Elegant melon-berry refresher
SUNCHOKES: Chilean Jerusalem artichoke soup
SWEET POTATOES: Suddenly sweet potato soup
TARRAGON: French tarragon soup
TOMATO: Salsa soup * Andalusian gazpacho * Moorish gazpacho * Summertime tomato-basil soup * Turkish spiced tomato soup * Provencal ratatouille soup * Chunky gazpacho * Spiced lime-tomato soup * Gazpacho with a Texas Touch * True Andalusian gazpacho * Spiced Tomato Bouillon * Creamy French tomato soup
TOMATILLO: Slap-in-the-face avocado-tomatillo soup
WATERCRESS: Watercressed apple soup
YOGURT: Turkish spiced tomato soup * Turkish cacik * Tarator * Iced summer shrimp soup
ZUCCHINI: Provencal ratatouille soup * French courgette soup * Raquel Welch's wonder soup II