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The Cucumber Soup the Soup Nazi Wishes For

And this is no joke. The personal creation of Jeri Held--California publicist for motion pictures, amateur chef, and owner of Featuremedia (a San Diego- based PR/publicity firm that handles start ups, blue chips, and e-commerce)--this cold cucumber soup takes the classic Tarator to a new and deliciously subtle level. It's cool, light but satisfying, and is one of those soups that you can just live on. Jeri says the recipe grew from a desire to eat healthy and use up a bushel of cukes someone gave her. This is one you definitely want to have on hand in the fridge at all times. Serve cold to 6 as a first course...or, selfishly, just eat the whole thing yourself.

Garnish: dollops of sour cream and mint sprigs

Blend all ingredients in a blender in small batches, then whisk together, retaste for seasoning, and refrigerate for a couple hours. When ready to serve, whisk briefly, ladle into bowls, top each with a dollop of sour cream and a mint sprig. In Jeri's words, "ecstasy!"