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Release date: 12/28/2004.
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CLAMS: New England clam chowder * Spicy clam soup * Tomato clam bisque * New Zealand's Toheroa soup * Creamy Alaskan clam chowder
CRAB: Thai crab and shrimp soup * Creamy crab and cognac soup * Thai corn and crab soup * South of the Mason-Dixon line creamy crab soup * Vietnamese crab and asparagus soup * Vietnamese crab, shrimp, and white fungus soup * Corn and crab chowder
EEL: French Matelote * Lady Morgan English fish soup * Chilean Conger Chowder
FISH: Russian fish soup with lime and dill * Italian fish soup with orzo * Chinese gingery sole and watercress soup * Cauliflower and sea bass chowder * Portuguese fish chowder * French Matelote * Lady Morgan English fish soup * Clear Japanese wintry vegetable soup * Vietnamese dilled tomato-fish soup * Icelandic halibut soup * Vietnamese hot and sour fish soup * Hungarian fish soup * Czech Christmas fish soup * Lenten Ukrainian borshch
LOBSTER: Sweetheart lobster soup for 2
MUSSELS: Breton Billi Bi
OYSTERS: Manhattan oyster chowder * Oyster cream soup with lemony carrots * Oyster hots * Irish oyster soup * Lady Morgan English fish soup * Chicken-oyster gumbo filé
SALMON: Sinful salmon chowder with a dash of cognac * Hearty salmon chowder
SCALLOPS: Creamy scallop and artichoke soup * Scallop and ginger soup * Creamy scallop soup with mushroom-asparagus duxelles * Lemony lentil soup with leeks and scallops
SEAFOOD COMBO: Basque seafood chowder * Louisiana seafood gumbo * Bouillabaisse * Cioppino
SHRIMP: French tarragon soup * Portuguese shrimp soup * Indonesian shrimp soup * Thai coconut pumpkin soup * Soup Diane * Thai spicy mushroomed shrimp soup * Vietnamese crab, shrimp, and white fungus soup * Hot and sour shrimp soup * Vietnamese Watercress-shrimp soup * French shrimp bisque * Chick-n-shrimp chowda * Iced summer shrimp soup
SQUID: Portuguese squid stew