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Release date: 12/28/2004.
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BACON: Knickerbocker soup
BEEF: Mexican albondigas soup * Beef tea *Ronald Reagan's hamburger soup * Phó * Finnish sauerkraut soup * Church supper soup * Hungarian goulash soup * Cheeseburger soup * Picadillo soup * Georgian beef-walnut soup with herbs * Hungarian Palóc soup * Superbowl chili soup * authentic French Pot-au-feu * Italian wedding soup * Cafe Landtmann's Vienna soup pot * Saudi wheat soup * Slovenian beef broth * Russel Borshch * German beef rump soup
CORNED BEEF: Trinidad black bean soup
HAM: Creamy chestnut and smoked ham soup * Tuscan white bean soup with broccoli and prosciutto ham * Hemingway soup * Smoky Czech cabbage and ham soup * Polish hunter's stew * Polish Easter egg soup * Good luck soup
KANGAROO: Kangaroo tail soup with potato dumplings
KIDNEYS: Authentic Russian rassol'nik
LAMB: Moroccan Harira * Lebanese okra stew * Turkish wedding soup * Iraqi pomegranate soup * Greek and Cypriot Easter soup * Hearty spiced lamb soup from Central Asia * Icelandic lamb soup * Icelandic salt lamb and pea soup * Scots hotch-potch * Hungarian Palóc soup * Saudi wheat soup * Ramadan red lentil soup * Scotch broth
OXTAIL: Barleyed oxtail and watercress soup * Faux Kangaroo tail soup with potato dumplings * Mock turtle soup
PORK: Chinese hot and sour soup * Creamy shallot and endive soup with bacon * Cambodian spiced pork ball soup * Thai rice soup * Polish hunter's stew * Sauerkraut soup * French Garbure * Hungarian Night Owl soup * Slovenian jota * Slovenian pasta fizol * Authentic Ukrainian borshch * Swedish pea soup * Danish meatball and dumpling soup * Bahamian pigeon pea and dumpling soup * Okinawan sparerib soup * Chinese fragrant pork and black-eyed pea soup * Dominican Republic Sancocho
SAUSAGE: Suddenly sweet potato soup * Hawaiian "Portagee" bean soup * Dutch pea soup
TRIPE: Old fashioned pepper pot with dumplings
TURTLE: Lady Curzon's soup
VEAL: Italian wedding soup