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Release date: 12/28/2004.
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APPLE: Norman apple and potato soup * Watercressed apple soup * Cucumber-apple fresca * Apple-Brie soup * Estonian black bread with fruit soup * Latvian apple soup with apple dumplings
APRICOT: Polish apricot soup
BANANAS: Tanzanian curried chicken-banana soup
BLUEBERRIES: Czech blueberry soup
CANTALOUPE: Mango-melon soup * Elegant melon-berry refresher
CHERRIES: Creamy black walnut soup with sour cherries * Cooled Hungarian sour cherry soup * Russian sour cherry soup with champagne
CRANBERRIES: Nutted wild rice soup * Estonian black bread with fruit soup
FRUIT MELANGE: Swedish fruit soup * Norwegian fruit soup * Estonian black bread with fruit soup
GRAPES: Gazpacho blanco
LIME: Lime-cucumber soup with a kick
MANGO: Mango-melon soup
MELON: Golden gazpacho
NECTARINE: Sassy nectarine summer soup
ORANGE: Danish orange soup * Haitian Consomme a l'Orange
PEARS: Pear and Cambozola soup
PLUMS: Game duck soup with plums and wild rice * Spiced plum soup * Icelandic halibut and plum soup
RASPBERRIES: Old world raspberry soup
RHUBARB: Finnish rhubarb soup
STRAWBERRIES: Strawberry balsamic soup * Elegant melon-berry refresher