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Japanese Egg Drop Soup with Snow Peas

(Tamago to kinusaya no suimono)

Delicate but far from rarified, this "something to drink" pure soup is not so very different from egg drop soups from around the world. It's tasty and clean, nice for a fragrant first course...or for a fussy convalescent who could use a little reminding about the preciousness of life (egg forms floating in an oceanic amniotic sac with slivered pea pods?) Serve as a first course to 4 people, preferably in a pretty bowl (lacquer is nice) with a lid. It's so nice to take that lid off and have that visual/aromatic impact get you right between the eyes.

Parboil the slivered pea pods in lightly salted water for 1 minute, then refresh in cold water and drain.

Bring the dashi to a boil, then reduce heat and add soy sauce and salt.

When dashi is at a simmer, toss in the slivered peas, then pour the beaten eggs--in a fine, thin stream--all over the broth, so it turns into fine shapes. Remove from the heat immediately and ladle into soup bowls, covering with their lids. Serve straightaway.