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Medieval Soup Tredure

(Golden soup)

Just the thing for a pale cheeked Troilus or a striving Piers Plowman--an excellent strengthener for the sick--or for those girding their loins to do battle in the fields of love...or in quest of spiritual fulfillment. According to one medieval cookbook, one need only "Take brede and grate it; make a lyre of rawe ayren, and do therto safroun and powdour douce, and lye it vp with gode broth, and make it as a cawdel. And do therto a lytel verious." It's good--and good for you. Serve hot to 2.

Bring the stock to a boil, then reduce to low. Beat together the breadcrumbs, eggs, cardomom, saffron, and salt, then pour into the stock, off the heat, and beat. Return to a simmer for a few minutes to thicken. Stir in lemon juice and ladle into bowls.